Homily 11-10-19

Homily on 10 Nov. 2019, Luke 20:27,34-38

Good morning everyone.

A funeral service was going on in Dublin, Ireland, last month. At the end, the coffin was being lowered into the ground. At once, everyone frightened hearing a voice of the deceased man from the coffin, together with a knocking against the coffin’s lid. The voice said like, “Hello? Hello? Let me out. Where am I? it is dark in here. Is that the priest, I can hear?”. Everyone frightened at first but had a smile at last when they realized that it was a prank created by the deceased man, with the help of his son, Jonathan. The man, a defense force veteran, Shay Bradley, pre-recorded his sound a year ago, who wanted to make sure that his loving ones leave the cemetery laughing and not crying, after his funeral service. The video was posted in twitter and it has gone viral, and you might have listened to it. Don’t try it for yourself.!

The month of November is set apart for remembering the departed ones in catholic tradition. We h…

Homily 11-3-19

Luke 19,1-10

I am very much interested in photography. You know, it is not just about clicking every moment but capturing the perfect moment with a perfect timing. A perfect photo tells you a story behind it. You might have seen photographers taking great effort to capture the perfect image. Sometimes they go up to mountains, valleys, far distances, into the deep forest, wait for long hours, get into dangers while going for a perfect image. There is a saying about photography that, ‘photography is about capturing a perfect moment, that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce’.

Today, I just want to reproduce Zacchaeus as a photographer. He came to know that Jesus is passing through the town. He wanted to have an image of Jesus, whom he has never met, but who gained attention of a large crowd. The problem was his stature, no height enough to capture a perfect image of Jesus. What he could do was to find a perfect angle for a perfect shot. Just imagine, the short man, a rich tax collec…

Homily 10-27-19

Homily on October 27. Luke 18,9-14

Someday I happened to read a Buddhist story. A man came to Buddha with an offering of rareand expensive flowers in his hands. Buddha opened his eyes from meditation and looked up at him and said, “drop it!” and closed his eyes.

The man was surprised. Why is Buddha asking me to drop down these beautiful, expensive and rare flowers? Buddha can’t be so harsh. Thus, he concluded that Buddha may be asking him to drop down the flowers on his left hand since it was considered inauspicious and impolite to offer something with left hand. So, he dropped down the flowers he had on his left hand and awaited. Buddha opened his eyes and said again, “drop it!”. The man got confused and thought, Buddha may not be liking such expensive flowers and its smell, that I am carrying. So, he dropped down all the flowersand stood empty handed. Buddha again opened his eyes and said, “drop it!”

Perplexed man asked; “now, what am I supposed to drop?”
Buddha replied; “not the f…

Homily 10-13-19

Homily on Sunday 13, October 2019 [Lk 17, 11-19]

This is a great day for the Catholics, for today, five of its members are raised to sainthood. I am especially glad that one of them is from my own land and my own diocese in India, Rev. MotherMariam Theresia. Glory to God, Amen.

A man was sharing one of his bitter experiences to his friends. One day he was lost in the middle of a desert. He saw no one around and only sand dunes. He lost his way, and nothing could be done to get out of the wide desert. No water was left in his bag and the sun was right above his head. What happened then? asked his audience.“I could do nothing but pray…I knelt down in the sand and prayed: God help me to get out of this desert”

“And did God answer your prayer”, asked the curious friends…

He replied. “Oh no…before God could do that, there appeared a traveler and he showed me the right way out.”

We often think of our blessings as taken for granted and forget to see the generous hand of God behind them.

In t…

Homily 10-6-19

Good evening / good morning all……

It’s the 27th Sunday of ordinary time. Today’s gospel speaks about the topic, faith.

I used to start my homily with a story.

Once a man went to a barbershop to have his hair cut and his beard trimmed. As you know, it is one of the places, we used to have serious discussions about politics, economy, religion, family and everything on earth. When they eventually touched the topic God, the hairdresser said aloud: “I don’t believe that God exists”. Why do you say that, asked the customer? The hairdresser pointed out to a beggar on the street and said, “if God existed, would there be poor people, sick, abandoned, suffering or even pain? I can’t imagine a loving God would allow all of these and there can’t be a God at all…”! The customer was silent as he never wanted an argument because the hairdresser had his sharp scissors and knife with him. When the job was done, he left. But at once he saw a man in the street with long, stringy and dirty hair and an u…