Homily 12-22-19

December 22, 2019 Mathew 1, 18-24

Good morning/evening all.

We are coming closer to the Christmas days. May the infant Jesus renew your lives and bless us all our parish community.

Today we listened to a passage from the gospel of St. Mathew about the divine intervention of God in the lives of Mary and Joseph. I just want to start, telling you an interesting fact about the infancy narratives given in the gospels. You know, just two among the four gospels, give us an account of the nativity of Jesus Christ. They are the gospels of St. Mathew and St. Luke. St. Mark starts his gospel with St. John the Baptist, coming preaching in the wilderness and St. John, starts saying “in the beginning was the Word” and then about the preaching of St. John the Baptist. Both St. Mark and St. John do not have an infancy narrative. And among the two evangelists, Mathew and Luke, who give us the infancy narratives, differ in their perspectives a lot. The interesting fact is that, St. Luke gives us the inf…

Homily 12-8-19

08 December 2019 Mt. 3,1-12

Good morning

It’s a routine that we reflect upon St. John the Baptist, prior to Christmas that he came to prepare the way for Jesus Christ. He came out from the wilderness saying, ‘prepare the way for the Lord; make straight paths for him’. There are a lot to speak about St. John the Baptist. He is the patron saint of our parish community. He is the way that we are led to Jesus Christ, and we reflect upon John today.

Once Pope Benedict was asked a question, from among the media. The question was very interesting. ‘How many paths are there to God?’. Isn’t it an interesting question? Pope Benedict replied with a smile ‘there are as many ways to God as to how many men are there on earth’. Each one of us is a way to God. And it was the perfect answer! And, today’s gospel shows us the right way to Jesus Christ, through John the Baptist.

Coming back to the gospel, we find there are several similarities between Jesus and John the Baptist. You know that
1. They wer…

Homily 12-1-19

December 1 Mathew 24, 37-44

Today we start with a new season, the season of advent. It is a season of hope and of awaiting. It is said in the Universal Norms for the Liturgical Year that “Advent has a two-fold character, for it is a time of preparation for the solemnities of Christmas, in which the First Coming of the Son of God to humanity is remembered, and likewise a time when, by remembrance of this, minds and hearts are led to look forward to Christ’s Second coming at the end of time. For these reasons, Advent is a period of devout and expectant delight’’.

All the readings of the day remind us of having hope and staying awake for the coming of the son of God. In the first reading from the book of prophet Isaiah, who lived 700 years before the birth of Jesus, he speaks of the glorious days to come with Judah and Jerusalem who are now drowned out by violence and rebellion. Thus, God intervenes in the history through the prophet and calls for repentance and offers glimpses of hope…

Homily 11-24-19


Good evening / good morning everyone

It’s a royal Sunday, because today we celebrate the feast of Christ, King of the Universe. The liturgical year comes to an end with the feast of Christ becoming the king of human hearts and of the Universe. Christ remaining in human hearts as the king is the purpose and essence of all liturgy and prayers. So, let us pray today, Lord Jesus Christ, king of the universe, dwell in me, rule me and guide me to your kingdom of heaven.

However, we know that the adjective ‘King’ is not at all match for Jesus, though it was the reality. He never wanted to be called a king or admitted to any throne. We read twice in the bible that the crowd wanted to make him their king by force and he withdrew again to the mountain by Himself. But on the cross, it is written that ‘Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews’. Though it was written as an abuse towards Jesus, it was the truth. He was or he is the king of hu…

Homily 11-10-19

Homily on 10 Nov. 2019, Luke 20:27,34-38

Good morning everyone.

A funeral service was going on in Dublin, Ireland, last month. At the end, the coffin was being lowered into the ground. At once, everyone frightened hearing a voice of the deceased man from the coffin, together with a knocking against the coffin’s lid. The voice said like, “Hello? Hello? Let me out. Where am I? it is dark in here. Is that the priest, I can hear?”. Everyone frightened at first but had a smile at last when they realized that it was a prank created by the deceased man, with the help of his son, Jonathan. The man, a defense force veteran, Shay Bradley, pre-recorded his sound a year ago, who wanted to make sure that his loving ones leave the cemetery laughing and not crying, after his funeral service. The video was posted in twitter and it has gone viral, and you might have listened to it. Don’t try it for yourself.!

The month of November is set apart for remembering the departed ones in catholic tradition. We h…

Homily 11-3-19

Luke 19,1-10

I am very much interested in photography. You know, it is not just about clicking every moment but capturing the perfect moment with a perfect timing. A perfect photo tells you a story behind it. You might have seen photographers taking great effort to capture the perfect image. Sometimes they go up to mountains, valleys, far distances, into the deep forest, wait for long hours, get into dangers while going for a perfect image. There is a saying about photography that, ‘photography is about capturing a perfect moment, that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce’.

Today, I just want to reproduce Zacchaeus as a photographer. He came to know that Jesus is passing through the town. He wanted to have an image of Jesus, whom he has never met, but who gained attention of a large crowd. The problem was his stature, no height enough to capture a perfect image of Jesus. What he could do was to find a perfect angle for a perfect shot. Just imagine, the short man, a rich tax collec…

Homily 10-27-19

Homily on October 27. Luke 18,9-14

Someday I happened to read a Buddhist story. A man came to Buddha with an offering of rareand expensive flowers in his hands. Buddha opened his eyes from meditation and looked up at him and said, “drop it!” and closed his eyes.

The man was surprised. Why is Buddha asking me to drop down these beautiful, expensive and rare flowers? Buddha can’t be so harsh. Thus, he concluded that Buddha may be asking him to drop down the flowers on his left hand since it was considered inauspicious and impolite to offer something with left hand. So, he dropped down the flowers he had on his left hand and awaited. Buddha opened his eyes and said again, “drop it!”. The man got confused and thought, Buddha may not be liking such expensive flowers and its smell, that I am carrying. So, he dropped down all the flowersand stood empty handed. Buddha again opened his eyes and said, “drop it!”

Perplexed man asked; “now, what am I supposed to drop?”
Buddha replied; “not the f…